Feed Bank 275 Gravity Deer Feeder

The Feed Bank is a gravity-fed deer feeder designed to elevate with a single center post. This eliminates any obstruction for bucks to eat from the feeder. This feeder is designed to give you the most economical, high-quality gravity deer feeder on the market.

SPECIFICATION                        DESCRIPTION
MATERIAL                              Polyethylene
FEED CAPACITY                             275 lbs
FEED PORTS                                            4
FEED DELIVERY                              Gravity
FEED RATE                                 Adjustable

  • Mounts on one 8-foot 4x4 post (not included) set 3-feet into the ground
  • Single post won’t interfere with or damage antler growth
  • Adjustable feeding ports allow you to control the flow of feed
  • Large, watertight door makes filling easy, keeps feed fresh.
  • Feed ports stand at an optimal height of 42-inches